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Performance Design Product Warranty

Performance Design, LLC.
Authorized Dealer Warranty Repair/Return Policy

- All warranty claims must be accompanied by an RMA number and a copy of the invoice from the authorized dealer to the customer.

- A faxed or e-mailed purchase order number will be required before any parts are shipped. Performance Design, LLC may at our discretion require any part being replaced under warranty to be returned to Performance Design for inspection prior to any credit being given.

- Any machine or die assembly that is returned for credit must be received in new and saleable condition, a 15% restock fee will be applied to the credit. No items will be accepted for credit after thirty (30) days from sale of item. Any item returned after thirty (30) days and up to 1 year will be returned for exchange of equivalent value equipment. Any product exceeding one (1) year from sale date, any custom or discontinued products are ineligible for return.

- Any freight damages are the responsibility of the receiving party. The receiving party must note any shortages or damage at the time of delivery to the delivering shipping company’s agent and file a claim with the shipping company.

- All warranties begin at the time the authorized dealer sells the product or six (6) months from the time the authorized dealer purchases the product from Performance Design, LLC.

- Warranty claims within thirty (30) days of a prior claim on an individual machine are ineligible for credit reimbursement with the exception of differing parts.

- Warranty repair of equipment can be performed by authorized dealers or equipment can be returned to

Performance Design, LLC for repair after an RMA number is obtained from Performance Design, LLC. Repairs performed by the authorized dealer may be eligible for a reimbursement credit. Credit will be dependent on approval by Performance Design, LLC and successful completion of all items required by Performance Design, LLC.

  • Items returned to Performance Design, LLC for repair will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Performance Design, LLC and returned to the authorized dealer location or other prearranged shipping location. Performance Design LLC is not responsible for packaging and shipping of items to Performance Design, LLC for repair. Items damaged as a result of inadequate packaging will not be covered under this warranty and will be quoted as a separate repair.

  • Items repaired by authorized dealers can request a reimbursement credit of $40.00 for a minor repair or $75.00 for a major repair. Minor and major classification determined by Performance Design, LLC. Reimbursement credit must be authorized by Performance Design, LLC. Model number, serial number and proof of warranty will be required prior to approval of reimbursement credit. Proof of warranty may be validated by; a proof of purchase from the authorized dealer to the customer; a prior submitted warranty card, or the manufacture date of the equipment. Warranty cards supplied at the time of the repair will be subject to confirmation by manufacture date or proof of purchase from the authorized dealer to the customer. Proofs of purchase must show the date of sale of the equipment to the customer with the serial number of the equipment.

  • Parts ordered for an authorized warranty repair may be invoiced to the authorized dealer; such parts will need to be returned to Performance Design, LLC with an assigned RMA number for inspection prior to a credit being issued for the part. Parts that have been ordered by an authorized dealer prior to an authorized warranty repair that are then used on an authorized warranty repair are eligible for a credit at the original sale cost. These parts may need to be returned to Performance Design, LLC with an assigned RMA number for inspection prior to a credit being issued.