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"I would like convey my heartfelt thanks to Molly in your customer service department. She guided me through a process that I have absolutely no knowledge of."...

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E-SHRE1440   Dahle 20396 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
A-SHRE1005   Dahle 20723 Shredder Bags (200/Case)
A-SHRE1010   Dahle 20724 Shredder Bags (100/Bx)
A-SHRE1015   Dahle 20725 Shredder Bags (100/Bx)
A-SHRE1020   Dahle 20726 Shredder Bags (100/Bx)
E-SHRE1282   Dahle 22022 PaperSAFE Oil-Free Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1290   Dahle 22080 PaperSAFE Oil-Free Auto Feed Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1284   Dahle 22092 PaperSAFE Oil-Free Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1286   Dahle 22312 PaperSAFE Oil-Free Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1288   Dahle 22318 PaperSAFE Oil-Free Paper Shredder
A-CUTT1060   Dahle 24" x 36" Cutting Mat - Blue - Each
E-CUTT4690   Dahle 360 Trim Ruler 13" Trimmer
E-CUTT4695   Dahle 370 Card Maker 13" Trimmer
E-SHRE1005   Dahle 40104 Strip Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1015   Dahle 40114 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1050   Dahle 40206 Strip Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1060   Dahle 40214 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1070   Dahle 40306 Strip Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1090   Dahle 40314 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1071   Dahle 40330 Professional Small Office Shredder
E-SHRE1305   Dahle 40334 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1120   Dahle 40406 Strip Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1130   Dahle 40414 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1072   Dahle 40430 Professional Office Shredder
E-SHRE1315   Dahle 40434 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1140   Dahle 40506 Strip Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1190   Dahle 40514 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1073   Dahle 40530 Professional Small Department Shredder
E-SHRE1325   Dahle 40534 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1255   Dahle 40606 Strip Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1265   Dahle 40614 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1074   Dahle 40630 Professional Department Shredder
E-CUTT1180   Dahle 440 14-1/8" Premium Rolling Trimmer
A-CUTT1130   Dahle 440 Plastic Clamp Strip
A-CUTT1085   Dahle 440 Series Cutting Head Assembly
E-CUTT1190   Dahle 442 20 1/8'' Premium Rotary Paper Trimmer
A-CUTT1135   Dahle 442 Plastic Clamp Strip
E-CUTT1055   Dahle 444 26 3/8'' Premium Rotary Paper Trimmer
A-CUTT1140   Dahle 444 Plastic Clamp Strip
E-CUTT1195   Dahle 446 36 1/4'' Premium Rotary Paper Trimmer
A-CUTT1145   Dahle 446 Plastic Clamp Strip
E-CUTT1050   Dahle 448 51 1/8" Premium Rotary Paper Trimmer
A-CUTT1150   Dahle 448 Plastic Clamp Strip
E-CUTT1196   Dahle 472 72" Premium Rolling Trimmer
E-SHRE1222   Dahle 50214 MHP Oil-Free Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1224   Dahle 50314 MHP Oil-Free Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1226   Dahle 50414 MHP Oil-Free Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1236   Dahle 50464 MHP Oil-Free Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1246   Dahle 50564 MHP Oil-Free Paper Shredder
E-CUTT1030   Dahle 507 12-1/2" Personal Hobby Trimmer
A-CUTT1005   Dahle 507/508 Hobby Trimmer - Std Cutting Head (round shaft)
E-CUTT1040   Dahle 508 18" Hobby Trimmer
E-CUTT1310   Dahle 533 13 3/8" Professional Guillotine Paper Cutter
E-CUTT1320   Dahle 534 18" Professional Guillotine Paper Cutter
E-CUTT1130   Dahle 550 14-1/8" Professional Rotary Trimmer
A-CUTT1110   Dahle 550 Plastic Clamp Strip
A-CUTT1175   Dahle 550 Series Rotary Blade
A-CUTT1105   Dahle 550/552/554 Cutting Head Assembly
E-CUTT1140   Dahle 552 20-1/8" Professional Rotary Trimmer
A-CUTT1115   Dahle 552 Plastic Clamp Strip
E-CUTT1150   Dahle 554 28-1/4" Professional Rotary Trimmer
A-CUTT1120   Dahle 554 Plastic Clamp Strip
E-CUTT1160   Dahle 556 37-1/2" Professional Rotary Trimmer
A-CUTT1125   Dahle 556 Plastic Clamp Strip
A-CUTT1455   Dahle 556/558 Cutting Head Assembly
E-CUTT1170   Dahle 558 51" Professional Rotary Trimmer
A-CUTT1177   Dahle 558 Plastic Clamp Strip
E-CUTT1321   Dahle 560 Professional Guillotine Cutter (w/ fan guard)
E-CUTT1330   Dahle 561 14-1/2" Safety First Guillotine Paper Cutter
E-CUTT1500   Dahle 564 14-1/2" Premium Guillotine with Laser Guide
E-CUTT1340   Dahle 565 15-1/2" Safety First Guillotine Paper Cutter
E-CUTT1350   Dahle 567 21-1/2" Safety First Guillotine Cutter
E-CUTT1360   Dahle 569 27-1/2" Safety First Guillotine Cutter
E-CUTT1370   Dahle 580 32" Workshop Guillotine Cutter
E-CUTT1380   Dahle 585 43-1/4" Workshop Guillotine Cutter
A-CUTT1430   Dahle 696 Stand For Model 556
A-CUTT1170   Dahle 698 Stand For 558
A-CUTT1390   Dahle 712 Stand for 842 and 846
A-CUTT1410   Dahle 718 Stand For 848
A-CUTT1510   Dahle 796 Stand For Model 446
A-CUTT1500   Dahle 798 Stand For 448
A-CUTT1530   Dahle 799 Stand For 472
E-CUTT1390   Dahle 842 16-7/8" Heavy Duty Stack Cutter - Professional Series
A-CUTT1401   Dahle 842/846/852 Cutting Stick
A-CUTT1396   Dahle 842/852 Replacement Blade
E-CUTT1400   Dahle 846 16-7/8" Stack Paper Cutter - Professional Series
A-CUTT1395   Dahle 846 Replacement Blade
E-CUTT1410   Dahle 848 18-5/8" Stack Paper Cutter - Professional Series
A-CUTT1398   Dahle 848/858 Cutting Stick
A-CUTT1399   Dahle 848/858 Replacement Blade
A-CUTT1065   Dahle 9" x 12" Cutting Mat - Blue - Each
E-SHRE1055   Dahle CleanTEC 41214 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1075   Dahle CleanTEC 41314 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1080   Dahle CleanTEC 41322 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1215   Dahle CleanTEC 41334 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1105   Dahle CleanTEC 41414 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1115   Dahle CleanTEC 41422 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1225   Dahle CleanTEC 41434 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1145   Dahle CleanTEC 41514 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1155   Dahle CleanTEC 41522 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1235   Dahle CleanTEC 41534 Level 6 High Security Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1185   Dahle CleanTEC 41614 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
E-SHRE1195   Dahle CleanTEC 41622 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
A-SHRE1043   Dahle CleanTEC Filter
A-CUTT1080   Dahle Deckle Cutting Head
A-CUTT1022   Dahle Hobby Trimmer - Perf Cutting Head
A-CUTT1012   Dahle Hobby Trimmer - Wavy Cutting Head
A-SHRE1046   Dahle Shredder Oil (4-1 gal bottles)
A-SHRE1041   Dahle Shredder Oil (6-12oz bottles)
A-CUTT1000   Dahle Standard Replacement Cutting Head For Hobby Trimmer
A-COUNT1576   Dark Blue 11" x 6" Leatherette Wallet Style Zipper Bag (50/pk)
POUC600-DG   Dark Grey Economy Standard Strap Badge Reel w/ Slide Clip (50pk)
POUC601-DG   Dark Grey Economy Standard Strap Badge Reel w/ Swivel Clip (50pk)
E-SAFE6277   Diversion Hidden Wall Safe
A-CUTT9658   DocuGem 1250E Replacement Blade
E-LAM9602   DocuGem 2300-2R 9" Pouch Laminator
E-LAM9600   DocuGem 3300 4R 12.5" Pouch Laminator
E-BIND9620   DocuGem 9620 Manual Comb Binding Machine
E-BIND9630   DocuGem 9630 3:1 Wire Binding Machine
E-COUNT9600   DocuGem CSM-1000 Bill Strapping Machine
E-CUTT9620   DocuGem D18 18" Guillotine Paper Cutter
E-CUTT9622   DocuGem D9 9" Guillotine Paper Cutter
E-SAFE9612   DocuGem G05 Gun Safe
E-BIND9610   DocuGem Manual 3:1 Wire & Plastic Comb Binding Machine
E-SHRE9606   DocuGem MX 600 Micro Cut Paper Shredder
A-CUTT9665   DocuGem R1700 & 1750E Cutting Stick
A-CUTT9664   DocuGem R1700 Replacement Blade
A-CUTT9660   DocuGem R175 Cutting Stick
A-CUTT9668   DocuGem R1750E Replacement Blade
E-CUTT9602   DocuGem R1800 18.5" Paper Cutter With Floor Stand
A-CUTT9672   DocuGem R1800 Cutting Sticks
A-CUTT9670   DocuGem R1800 Replacement Blade
E-SHRE9601   DocuGem Waste Basket Paper Shredder - (Shredder Head Only)
E-SAFE6276   Double Book Vault Diversion Safe
E-COUNT6252   Dr Pepper Coin Bankz
E-SAFE6252   Dr Pepper Diversion Can Safe
COUNT1010   Dri Mark 12pk Smart Money Counterfeit Detector Pen
COUNT1000   Dri Mark 1pk Smart Money Counterfeit Detector Pen
COUNT1002   Dri Mark 3pk Smart Money Counterfeit Detector Pen
A-BOARD2004   Dri Mark Bullet Tip Dry Erase Markers (4/pk)
A-BOARD2000   Dri Mark Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers (4/pk)
A-BOARD2002   Dri Mark Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers (8/pk)
COUNT1012   Dri Mark Dual Test Counterfeit Detection System
E-COUNT4210   Dri Mark iDetector
COUNT1004   Dri Mark Smart Money Counterfeit Detector Pen w/ Adhesive Holder and Coil
E-CUTT8335   Duplo 490Pro 19" Hydraulic Programmable Paper Cutter
E-CUTT8340   Duplo 660Pro 26.5" Hydraulic Programmable Paper Cutter
E-CUTT8325   Duplo CC-228 Card Cutter
E-CUTT8327   Duplo CC-330 Card Cutter
E-BIND1510   Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binder
E-FOLD1045   Duplo DF-1200 Automatic Air Feed Paper Folder
E-FOLD1005   Duplo DF-777 Automatic Folder
E-FOLD1040-   Duplo DF-970 Automatic Paper Folding Machine
E-FOLD1025   Duplo DF-980 Automatic Paper Folding Machine
E-FOLD6080   Dynafold DE-28/4 Automatic Paper Folding Machine
E-FOLD6069   Dynafold DE-380 Automatic Paper Folder
E-FOLD6090   Dynafold DE-42FC Automatic Paper Folder
A-TABB6003   Dynafold Tabbler Tape (1 roll, 1000 tabs/roll)
COVE600   Embossed 8-1/2" X 11" Square Corners (100 Sets)
COVE600B   Embossed 8-3/4" X 11-1/4" Round Corners (100 Sets)
COVE600C   Embossed 8-3/4" X 11-1/4" With Round Corners & Windows (BX/100 Sets)
COVE602   Embossed Black 8-1/2' X 11' With Square Corners & Windows (BX/100 Sets)
COVE606-DB   Embossed Dark Blue 8-3/4" X 11-1/4" Square Corners (100 Sets)
THER001   Embossed Thermal Binding Cover TC200
THER000   Embossed Thermal Binding Cover TC200T
E-CUTT4325   Evolution Series 2 104" Precision Sheet Material Cutter
E-CUTT4327   Evolution Series 2 124" Precision Sheet Material Cutter
E-CUTT4329   Evolution Series 2 144" Precision Sheet Material Cutter
E-CUTT4321   Evolution Series 2 64" Precision Sheet Material Cutter
E-CUTT4323   Evolution Series 2 84" Precision Sheet Material Cutter
E-BIND4200   Fastback Model 20 Tape Binder
E-Bind4210   Fastback Model 9 Tape Binder
E-FOLD9236   FD 314 Office Desktop Folder
E-SAFE1084   First Alert 2072F Digital Anti-Theft Safe 1 cu. ft.
A-CUTT9650   Floor Stand for Tamerica GuilloMax 17" (Docugem R175)
E-FOLD9244   Formax FD 322 Document Folder
A-CUTT5455   Formax 15M-10 Replacement Blade
A-CUTT5458   Formax 15M-20 Replacement Cutting Sticks (8/pk)
A-CUTT5456   Formax 16M-10 Replacement Blade
A-CUTT5459   Formax 16M-20 Replacement Cutting Sticks (8/pk)
A-CUTT5457   Formax 22S-10 Replacement Blade
A-SHRE5312   Formax 8000-10 Cutting Head Lubricating Oil (six 8-oz. bottles)
A-SHRE5314   Formax 8000-12 Lubricating Oil for AutoOiler Systems (eight 16-oz. bottles)
A-SHRE5316   Formax 8000-20 Cutting Head Lubricating Oil (four 1-gallon bottles)
A-SHRE5320   Formax 8000-30 Shredder Bags (200/Case)
A-SHRE5322   Formax 8000-40 Shredder Bags (200/Case)
A-SHRE5324   Formax 8000-50 Shredder Bags (100/Case)
A-SHRE5326   Formax 8000-70 Shredder Bags (200/Case)
A-SHRE5328   Formax 8000-80 Shredder Bags (100/Case)
A-SHRE5330   Formax 8000-90 Shredder Bags (40/Case)
A-SHRE5332   Formax 8000-95 Reusable Heavy Duty Nylon Shredder Bags (2/Pk)
E-FOLD9274   Formax ATLAS Air-Feed Document Folder
E-FOLD9276   Formax ATLAS-AS Air-Feed Document Folder
E-FOLD9172   Formax AutoSeal 2054 Pressure Sealer Package
E-FOLD9145   Formax AutoSeal P2002 Pressure Sealer
E-FOLD9140   Formax AutoSeal P2032 Folder/Sealer Package
A-PRINT5010   Formax ColorMax 7 1000-watt Infrared Inkjet Dryer
A-PRINT5018   Formax ColorMax 7 250mL Black Ink Tank
A-PRINT5015   Formax ColorMax 7 250mL Cyan Ink Tank
A-PRINT5017   Formax ColorMax 7 250mL Magenta Ink Tank

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