Guide to 19 Ring Plastic Comb Binding

19-ring plastic comb binding is the perfect option for binding financial reports, year-end reports, presentations, cookbooks and more! The bindings feature locking rings to secure documents from 1/4" (20 sheets) to 2" (400 sheets) but still allow for the easy addition or removal of pages, simply make the necessary changes and re-bind the document. This flexibility is not possible or easily accomplished with other binding options such as wire binding, thermal binding, or VeloBinding.

What is referred to here as 19 ring plastic comb bindings may also be called by a number of other names. You may hear people refer to them as comb bindings, 19 ring bindings, comb bindings, plastic binding combs or by a popular manufacturer name such as GBC Bindings or Ibico Bindings-all these terms are synonymous for the flexible, easy to use, plastic comb.

Plastic comb bindings are available in a variety of colors and diameters and can be used with matching or clear binding covers to create a professional presentation. They are also easily customized to reflect artwork or printing specific to your needs. Standard comb bindings have an 11" binding edge and 19 loops but the length and width of binding edges can also be customized for your particular project.

Plastic comb binding equipment, which needs to be used in conjunction with the binding combs, is easy to use and affordable regardless if you are binding 2 documents or 2000 documents at a time.

Factory Express has a large selection of quality plastic comb binding equipment and comb binding supplies, and friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives to help you find the best binding solutions for your needs.