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Right Angle Paper Folders

Right Angle Paper Folders to Meet Your Paper Folding Needs

Right angle folders make perpendicular folds on a single sheet of paper. Right Angle Paper Folders can be either friction fed or air fed. A cross-over fold or right angle fold is a demanding application that only certain types of folders will handle. These right angle folder models are designed to accomplish this difficult task and much more. Often times, right angle folders will also allow you to fold most standard styles in addition to the right angle fold. What distinguishes a right angle folding machine from other folders is its ability to fold horizontally and vertically across a single sheet. These folders can be used in conjunction with other folders, perforators, bursters, and more. Factory Express offers right angle folders from top manufacturers including Martin Yale, MBM, Dynafold and Duplo. Shop online for right angle folders and save today!