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The Benefits of Using a Laminator

How Lamination Will Add Value To Your Project

Using a high quality laminator will preserve and protect your documents and important papers from everyday wear and tear. Lamination can help you create professional looking presentation materials, banners, business signs, and visual aids. Read about the many benefits of a laminator at Factory Express:

  • Using a Laminator adds value to all kinds of printed materials
  • Lamination significantly enhances the color and contrast of pictures
  • Using a laminator will protect items from fingerprints, smudges and abrasions
  • Using a laminator will protect items like menus which endure lots of handling
  • Lamination gives color pictures and images an attractive wet look
  • Lamination allows educational or promotional materials to be kept in like-new condition for many years rather than a few weeks
  • Laminating helps preserve colors longer indoors or outdoors
  • Laminated items are more likely to be able to be handled and shipped without damage
  • Lamination provides very long term preservation without climate control
  • Using a laminator allows inexpensive paper items or banners to be used outdoors even under rainy, windy conditions
  • Laminating allows paper items to be used under water and in other unusual or difficult situations
  • Gloss, matte or satin laminator film can change the finish of any print as needed for a particular application
  • Using a laminator makes it easier to mount images on any mounting board
  • Lamination increases the strength and rigidity of printed materials
  • The additional rigidity resulting from laminating allows items to stand free or be placed in a frame without backing or reinforcement
  • Lamination prepares items for immediate presentation under a variety of conditions and display methods with a single step