A Buyer’s Guide To Our Laser Cartridges

One of the costliest aspects of using a laser printer is replacing the cartridges. To meet the needs of millions of consumers, many companies started manufacturing and selling compatible laser cartridges, which cost a lot less than Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges. While many consumers appreciate the savings, most people still have concerns about purchasing and using compatible cartridges versus OEM cartridges. This short guide will address some concerns you may have about our laser cartridges so that you can buy from us with confidence.

Will A Compatible Cartridge Void My Manufacturer’s Warranty?

No, using a compatible cartridge will not void the warranty on your printer. In fact, in 1975 Congress passed an act called the “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act”, which works to prevent monopolies on companies selling supplies, but it also protects consumers against voiding their warranties if they purchase supplies from other manufacturers. It is important to note that a warranty is not the same as a service contract, so if you have a service contract with the manufacturer, read the fine print to make sure you are in compliance.

Does A Compatible Cartridge Perform As Well As An OEM Cartridge?

We build our laser cartridges to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We guarantee their performance and quality 100%. In fact, our laser cartridges exceed some OEM cartridges in page yield and print density

What Guarantee Do I Have That Your Compatible Cartridges Will Work?

Occasionally, defective merchandise, equipment, and supplies are inevitable; however, our laser toner cartridges have less than a 1% defective rate, a smaller rate than an OEM cartridge. If your laser cartridge happens to fall into that 1%, we will immediately replace the defective cartridge. We back all of our laser cartridges with a 100% guarantee that they will provide consistent, high-quality results.

To ensure that we can meet this guarantee the teams that build our cartridges are highly trained before they begin working, and the training continues on a weekly basis throughout their employment. Each cartridge passes through several inspections before they are shipped to our customers. We invest a lot of time and precaution into packaging and shipping our laser cartridges to ensure they arrive to our customers in prime condition.