Choosing the Right Paper Folder

Friction Feed Paper Folders

Friction Feed Paper Folders can be used for low to high volume folding and are available with manual or automatic feed. A manually fed paper folder will use friction to draw in one sheet of paper at a time, fed by hand. An automatically fed folder will take one sheet at a time automatically from a stack of paper.

Manual feed letter folders come with non-adjustable fold plates, but automatic feed paper folding machines can be manually adjusted, semi-automatically adjusted or programmable. Folding plates that can be programmed allow the operator to select desired fold types in a digital keypad. These sophisticated machines are ideal for high volume folding.

Folding glossy or coated stock should not be attempted with friction feed paper folders. Glossy paper does not have the texture needed to create the friction needed for these folders. An air feed folder is appropriate for glossy or coated stock.

One consideration for friction feed paper folder shoppers is to keep in mind that the parts are wearable, such as the front rollers, which will need replacement over time. Maintenance is key for these folders, and keeping your folder running smoothly will depend on it. Use roller cleaner and static eliminator to keep your friction folder at its best.

Air Feed Paper Folders

Air Feed folders are automatically fed paper folders that can be programmed to perform specific desired folds. These machines are intended for use with glossy stock or for users with a high volume of folding needs. The air feed folder uses compressed air to separate and draw the paper in one at a time from a stack.

Medium to large sized offices or print shops benefit from the use of an air or suction-feed paper folder. An air feed paper folder allows for high production, versatility and a professional finish. Additional features include perforating and scoring.

Special Needs Paper Folders

A unique paper folder is the right angle paper folder which can be slightly more expensive, but it is equipped with the ability to make two folds in different directions, or a cross-over fold. These paper folders can be friction or air fed, and they have the ability to make a variety of standard folds as well. Some right angle folders have an optional attachment to make the cross-over fold in one pass. Others are equipped with a device that allows both the vertical and horizontal fold separately.