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How Fast is a Paper Folder?

Folding paper by hand can take a long time. The advantage of a paper folding machine is that paper gets folded quickly. Paper folders can handle hundreds or thousands of sheets per hour. You will also enjoy increased precision, and be secure in the fact that each document is folded exactly the same way every time. Plus a paper folder is so easy to operate, you will be free to focus your attention on other projects while the machine does the folding work for you.

Maximum Operating Speed of a Paper Folder

Generally a paper folder will be rated for a certain top speed by the manufacturer. Usuallythis is an indication of what the motor is capable of, not a suggestion for dailyworkloads. A paper folder is not meant to operate at its top speed all day long.In fact if you do overwork your paper folder it will lead to problems down theroad. If a paper folder has a top speed rating of 5000 sheets per hour, it doesnot mean you should run 5000 sheets of paper through it every hour for eighthours straight, seven days a week. Basically the manufacturer is saying thatif you’re going to fold a smaller amount, like 300 sheets of paper at thetop speed, it will take only a few minutes.

A paper folder's top speed is a lot like the top speed of an automobile. Many cars have top operating speeds that exceed 140 miles per hour, but if you were to drive one of these cars that fast all day long you will inevitably develop problems. The mechanical parts will begin to break down and soon your car will need repairs. This is basically how it works for paper folders as well. If you run a paper folder at maximum operating speed for long periods of time, it definitely will not last long. However proper maintenance, with roller cleaner and static eliminator, can help prolong the life of your paper folder.

Before you buy a paper folder you should make sure the duty cycle and top operating speed of the paper folder you're looking at fit your folding needs. These two aspects of a paper folder's operation are closely related, and often times overlooked when researching the purchase of a folding machine. The duty cycle of a paper folder is the recommended amount of paper that a paper folder should handle in an hour or day, and thus a much better indicator of the amount of work a paper folder can handle. The duty cycle is always different from the operating speed. So be sure to do your research before you buy a paper folder and never use one beyond its limits. The life span of your paper folder is entirely up to you, and will depend solely on how well you take care of it.