Which Laminator is Best For You?

With a Factory Express Laminator you will be able to protect your documents quickly and easily. Use a pouch or roll laminator to protect photographs, certificates, identification cards and much more. You can enhance color output with lamination or enhance black and white output using color foils.

Choose from a wide selection of leading pouch laminators or roll laminators, suitable for schools, the office, print shops and other commercial uses. Both pouch laminators and roll laminators off a variety of features, including adjustable heat controls, hot or cold laminating capabilities, auto shut-off, and speed and tension control.

Factory Express offers pouch laminators from leading manufacturers that specialize in lamination. Pouch laminators are versatile and simple to use. They take pouch film from 3 to 10 mil thick, and from credit card size to a 12" x 18" menu size. You can protect anything from luggage tags and ID cards to menus and other legal size documents.

Many pouch laminators like the Fellowes Cosmic2 125 Pouch Laminator offer photo-quality lamination and both heat and no-heat functions. This adjustable temperature feature allows you to easily go back and forth between using hot and cold lamination

A roll laminator works by sealing documents between two sheets of laminating film. Roll laminators are designed for convenience, quality and flexibility, and commercial roll laminators often feature automatic shut-off, adjustable tension, variable speed control and adjustable heat control.

Roll laminating film comes in a wide range of thickness from 1.5 to 10 mil. You can also select from a core size of 1" to 3". Check with your Factory Express Lamination Expert to make the right choice for your laminating film.

Factory Express also carries roll laminators designed especially for schools. Lamination offers an affordable way for teachers to protect the sizable investment they make in visual aids each year. They also offer a cost effective way for teachers to preserve not only their own teaching materials, but also the work of their students. School roll laminators by GBC, Ledco and Banner American are easy to use and often come with preset lamination pressure and speed.

Factory Express also carries commercial quality roll laminators and laminating supplies that meet the needs of copy shops, print shops, business service centers and in-house graphic departments. Large format laminators, such as the Tamerica TCC1200, often used for sign and graphic applications, and commercial laminators are designed to provide a high degree of flexibility. Standard features often include automatic shut-off, adjustable tension, variable speed control, and adjustable heat control.

Cold Laminators, including Cold Pouch Laminators and Cold Roll Laminators, also known as Pressure Sensitive Roll Laminators do not use heat. The film is pressure-sensitive, which means the film has a sticky side that adheres to the product when contacted. Pressure sensitive lamination equipment is inexpensive and a variety of film substrates can be used with optional metallized and woodgrain finishes.

Cold pouch lamination is good for use with products that can be damaged by heat, such as ink and photos. Glossy paper stocks and inkjet printed business cards laminate quickly and efficiently with cold pouch laminators.