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Which Paper Shredder is Best for You?

Deciding which shredder is right for you is largely a matter of choosing which level of security you need. There are different security levels with paper shredders and they are categorized by the types of shredded paper produced: Strip cut or Cross cut.

Strip cut shredders produce long strips of shreddings which are most commonly preset at a width of 1/4", but 1/8" strip cut shredders are also available. The strip cut shredder is popular because of its affordability. Low manufacturing costs translate into an attractive price for users with a limited amount of cutting.

Cross cut shredders are unique in their ability to cause a dual cut, producing particles in uniform length and width. The Cross cut pieces are then further categorized by higher security levels of 5 and 6 for the government market. For example, a High Security Level 6 Shredder produces tiny particles that meet strict Department of Defense (DOD) requirements for the terminal destruction of top secret documents.

The commercial cross cut shredder is rapidly becoming the shredder of preference for business use. In addition to higher security benefits, one of its main attractions is the considerable reduction in the volume of shredded waste, creating an added savings for bags and waste removal. This is also beneficial for saving operator time with no need for compacting and additional handling of the material.

Although a greater amount of actual shredding time is required, the cross cut shredder's advantage results from far fewer bag changes and the elimination of frequent waste handling. In fact, the environmental benefits alone are a major draw to the cross cut shredder method.

Keep in mind, a shredder that suits your needs now, may not down the road. Anticipate growth when considering which shredder is right for you. Know which level of security you need, as well as the volume of paper you will shred daily.

With an understanding of the volume and frequency of your shredding needs, along with the nature of the material to be shredded, you will be able to confidently decide which shredder is right for you.

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