Industrial Paper Shredders

High capacity, Heavy Duty Industrial Shredders:
  • Heavy volume shredding ability ideal for warehouse or office building use
  • Shreds between 60 and 140 sheets at one time
  • Offers more control and the convenience of in-house shredding
  • Equipped with standard and optional features, such as hoppers, conveyor belts, and balers
  • Shreds as much as 1,000 pounds of paper product per hour
  • Lower volume of shredded waste material

Industrial shredders are ideal for major, high volume, centralized shredding applications. They can be positioned convenient to records storage and archives or in another central location where multiple departments can utilize the heavy duty, multi-use shredder.

Industrial paper shredders
from Intimus, HSM, Formax, Dahle, Kobra, SEM and MBM Destroyit are designed to handle the high capacity shredding needs of several departments or even an entire facility. Disposing of the daily flood of confidential paper documents and information can be a big challenge. An Industrial Shredder can easily shred between 60 and 140 sheets of paper at one time. An in-house industrial shredder also gives you more control over the shredding process and is safer, more convenient, and more cost effective than using an outside shredding service.

Engineered to save you time, space and money, industrial paper shredders often come equipped with standard or optional accessories like hoppers, conveyors belts and balers than can effortlessly shred over 1,000 pounds of paper products per hour and produce 150 pound to 1000 pound bales that radically reduce the volume of shredded materials. Specialty industrial shredders that turn old cardboard boxes into free packing material are also available.

Note: Because of the size of these shredders, special electrical requirements also need to be considered.

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