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CD Shredders Become Increasingly Popular in the Home and Office

Protecting your confidential information doesn’t stop with documents. You should also take steps to make sure your multimedia data can’t fall into the hands of identity thieves. Proper disposal of CDs, floppy disks, credit cards and other destructible material will help prevent your personal information from ending up in the wrong hands.

CD shredders are becoming increasingly popular as new technology causes features to increase and cost to decrease. Factory Express carries leading brands, such as Kobra, GBC/Swingline, Fellowes, HSM, Intimus and Destroyit by MBM. These powerful strip-cut and cross-cut paper and CD shredder models easily destroy CDs, DVDs and credit cards.

Most models will also handle large volumes of paper, even paper clips and staples are easily destroyed with the latest technology. There is a wide array of CD shredders to choose from in today’s market, and it’s helpful to know what you will be shredding and how often before you select the perfect one. Talking with a Factory Express CD shredder expert will help you make the best choice for your needs.

Some outstanding models in a variety of features and prices, from $145 to $10,720, are highlighted below:

Intimus’s 26CC3 Shredder let’s you sleep better at night, turning documents into 5/32” x 1 1/8” unrecognizable bits as well as handling CD destruction. This model handles 8sheets per pass, making an ideal home or small office shredder. It has a 9.5” feed width and a 6.9 gallon waste bin capacity, plus a designated slot and debris bin for CDs.

Fellowes manufactures strong, durable shredders great for home and office use, such as the C-320 Strip Cut Paper Shredder, “the bulldog of shredders.” It’s capable of destroying CDs and credit cards in its own designated slot, and also handles your paper shredding needs, up to 28 sheets of paper in one pass.

Kobra’s world class shredders include the 400S5 CD Shredder, a high capacity heavy duty commercial paper and CD shredder. It’s designed to handle large volumes of paper with a 16” throat and 60 sheets per pass, while also disposing of credit cards, floppy disks and CDs.

Destroyit business shredders by MBM include the 4107 CD Shredder with a 3/8” shred size. It handles up to 125 sheets per pass with its 16” wide feed width. The use of a standard conveyor belt results in safe, efficient feeding of files, folders, CDs and other multimedia.

GBC’s 4500S CD Shredder is ideal for high volume shredding in small to midsize companies. Not only does it shred CDs and other media safely and effectively, but it also handles paper up to 12” wide in large volumes Its high volume 36 gallon waste bin capacity is helpful for less frequent bag changes.

Dahle’s innovative engineering saves time and money in the workplace with the 30406 Multimedia Shredder. It’s designed for shredding large volumes of paper, up to 35 sheets per pass with a 12” wide throat. A 35 gallon waste bin means less frequent disposal, which is less work for you and better for the environment.

HSM has a proven reputation for solid construction and reliability. The 390.3 Strip Cut Paper Shredder is a good example of the quality you would expect from HSM and a great shredder for the office or small department. It is designed for large volumes of paper, up to 35 sheets per pass, a 15.75” feed width, and includes large 39 gallon waste capacity. It handles CDs and credit cards easily and efficiently.

CD Shredders from Factory Express are suitable for the home, office or departmental setting. Let one of our professional paper and CD shredder experts help you choose the top quality shredder that will best meet the disposal needs of your confidential information at the lowest possible cost.