A Buyers Guide to Fellowes Shredders

Fellowes Shredders minimize risk of identity theft while ensuring your business, personal, and sensitive documents are safe. Every business that maintains any type of client or customer records needs to ensure they are in compliance with information laws. Using a Fellowes Shredder is the best way to dispose of any document, CD, & DVD that contains personal or sensitive information; Thereby eliminating two of the biggest areas of concerns for businesses and individuals: identity theft and document security.

There are many models and types of Fellowes Shredders available for homes and home offices, as well as businesses. This buyer’s guide will provide guidance on how to select the right Fellowes Shredder for your needs.

A Fellowes Shredder for a Home or Home Office

To determine the best Fellowes Shredder for your home or home office, start by asking yourself three basic questions: 1) Will you use your Fellowes Shredder in the home, 2) Will you use your Fellowes Shredder in an office or a home office, and 3) Will you use your Fellowes Shredder in a shared workspace?

After you determine where you will use the paper shredder, consider the following:

  1. What volume of paper will you need to shred at one time?
  2. What level of security suits your needs?
  3. Do you need a shredder that can handle paper clips or CDs/DVDs (every Fellowes Shredder can shred paper, staples, and credit cards)?
  4. Do you want a machine that features Shredder SafeSense Technology, which automatically stops the shredder when hands get too close to the paper entry?
  5. What other features would you like in a Fellowes Shredder: Jam Proof Technology, extended shred sessions, or easy-empty waste bins?

After you have answered these questions, choose from the following categories and pick a Fellowes Shredder that offers features to meet your needs.

  • Deskside Powershred Fellowes Shredders: These shredders are designed for individual users who need to use it in their home or home office and regularly shred sensitive information.
  • Professional Powershred Fellowes Shredders: These Fellowes shredders are ideal for 1-5 users who need to shred sensitive information on a daily basis.

Fellowes Shredders for Businesses

Businesses today have many guidelines and laws to follow concerning information, so it is extremely important to purchase the right shredder. FACTA Legislation requires the proper destruction and disposal of all customer records for the safety of your business and your customers. It is also important to note that businesses lose BILLIONS of dollars every year due to corporate espionage, so be proactive and prevent it from happening to your business by using a Fellowes Shredder with the proper security level.

There are a few questions to consider before purchasing a Fellowes Shredder to ensure you purchase the right one for your needs:

  1. What industry do you work in?
  2. What type of department will be using the Fellowes shredder?
  3. How many employees will use the paper shredder?
  4. Is the Fellowes Shredder being purchased for personal or shared use?

Overall, there are a few overall recommendations in selecting the best Fellowes Shredder. Always choose a crosscut paper shredder for shared work spaces and deskside use. Fellowes crosscut shredders cut paper in two directions, creating tiny pieces of paper that provide improved protection. They are recommended because it easily and efficiently destroys sensitive data. Choose from the following categories while you are shopping:

  • Professional Powershred Fellowes Shredders: These Fellowes shredders are ideal for 1-5 users who need to shred sensitive information on a daily basis.
  • Commercial Powershred Fellowes Shredders: These are ideal for multiple users in shared workspaces: printer/copier areas, mailrooms, and any area that handles large volumes of sensitive information.
  • Government Approved Powershred Fellowes Shredders: These shredders meet U.S. Federal Government shredding requirements.

After reading this Buyer’s Guide to selecting the right Fellowes Shredder, please shop online, or feel free to call our World Class Customer Care at 800-399-2564 for assistance. We are here to answer your questions and help you choose the best shredder for your needs.