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Shred This - Recommended Top 20

It's not difficult to determine what you should shred. Essentially, any document containing information that you don't want others to have should be shredded. People who buy their first shredder are surprised as they often end up shredding twice as much as they expected. Paper shredding is a simple step that goes a long way toward securing your information. Here's a brief list of documents that should be shredded using a strip cut or cross cut shredder:

  1. Obsolete financial records, including loan applications
  2. Pre-approved credit card applications
  3. Personal medical records or physician statements
  4. Correspondence and tax preparation worksheets
  5. Receipts for purchases
  6. Bank statements
  7. ATM receipts
  8. Credit card statements
  9. Cancelled checks
  10. Mail and old records
  11. Utility bills
  12. Credit card charges
  13. Insurance forms
  14. Investment transactions
  15. Expired charge cards
  16. Mailing labels from magazines
  17. Pay stubs
  18. Old driver's licenses or passports
  19. Expired insurance and membership cards
  20. ; Any documents that may contain Social Security numbers, birth dates, your mother's maiden name and any account numbers or online passwords